A Home for Ecommerce Technology

Over $150 million of acquisitions and investments in leading ecommerce enablement businesses.

An Opportunity for a New Model

WeCommerce exists to empower entrepreneurship everywhere. It sounds lofty, but it’s what drives us every day to become the best home for founders. Over a decade ago, we saw the emergence of a new breed of software companies, with a wonderful set of attributes:

  • They are product-focused and customer-obsessed.  Strong word of mouth drives growth, not paid ads.
  • They are highly efficient. They’ve built real businesses often with no outside funding. They are focused on growing profits, not growth at all costs.
  • They are located outside major metropolitan areas. We meet with amazing entrepreneurs from all over the world every week.
  • They are intimately aware of problems they are solving. Often, they solve their own problems first and find there’s a large market of like-minded people.
  • They embody ownership. They build their companies for decades, coupled with an extreme sense of urgency.

The result? Bootstrapped, highly efficient, profitable businesses pursuing common sense growth. A dream! Yet, a lot of these companies are too small for private equity, too profitable for venture capital and have their time and energy wasted by strategic acquirers “kicking the tires.”

We’ve built WeCommerce to be the home for these wonderful businesses. Founders look to take chips off the table for various reasons - be it a growing family, a chance to explore other interests or to build a safety net to take bigger swings. We understand - and we built WeCommerce to make the sale process seamless. A company for founders, by founders.

If you think you're a fit, we'd love to have you.